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Art of Murder: FBI Confidential 01/08/11 Trial version English
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

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A young female FBI agent, Nicole Bonnet, is assigned to the case. She is supposed to assist an older, more experienced colleague, Nick, but it quickly turns out that Bonnet will have to accept more responsibility for this investigation.

What are the culprit's motives?. What links the victims?. What is this mysterious murder tool?. Why was such a young and inexperienced agent given the case?

In her search for clues, Nicole Bonnet will visit the darkest corners of New York as well as the archeological capital of America. the Peruvian Cusco.

and the Amazon jungle. Art of Murder is a point-and-click adventure game. To solve the puzzle, the player will have to think logically, combine facts and act as an FBI agent would do in a real investigation.

Game features:Dark and intriguing storyline based on classic and worthy concepts, full of unexpected twists of the plot, unique characters, interesting dialogues, and well designed puzzles.

Atmosphere packed with tension as a result of unique combination of exceptional storyline with beautiful visuals, original music, and realistic sound effects.

A unique mix of classic gameplay solutions with innovative ideas. e. g. the death of the main character. Almost 20 in-game characters, 100 puzzles, 15 main locations (200 pre-rendered images in total), and 5000 dialogue lines.

Amazingly detailed and varied pre-rendered images, enhanced with background animations. the graphics of the game is done by some of the best graphic artists and art directors in Poland.

Three-dimensional characters, who move in a natural way, and cast realistic shadows. High-quality video cut-scenes. The game is laptop-compatible.

The game is laptop-compatible.

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